Monday, May 28, 2007

Politics and civil liberties

It is somewhat pleasing to see the Conservatives stepping forward to beat the government with the civil liberties stick, though I don't expect it to have any substance beyond the usual points scoring. What is potentially telling is that Davis, Cameron and co. now think they can publicly decry the government's record on civil rights, presumably because some Tory spin doctor believes the standard New Labour rhetoric on the issue - be scared so we can protect you - is so wasted.

" As Tony Blair reflects on his legacy, Taking Liberties, a film released on 8 June, documents how New Labour has undermined our ancient British freedoms over the past decade.

The Government says the rules of the game have changed: the terrorist threat has escalated and we must trade some freedom for our security. That assessment is superficial. New Labour has undermined our freedoms, but the most damning indictment is the liberty taken with our security in the process. Each shortcut the Government takes with our freedoms masks a shortcoming in its counter-terrorism strategy."

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