Wednesday, February 14, 2007

IIPA Section 301 hit list

Michael Geist has some commentary of the essential reading variety for IP geeks on the International Intellectual Property Alliance's latest "section 301" report. This report has, for many years now, served as the basis for the US Trade Representative's report targeting countries which allegedly undermine US intellectual property rights and the latter can and has led to US trade sanctions against some of the nations highlighted.

Michael says:

"Canada figures prominently on this list and indeed this year it is
expected that the U.S. will escalate the pressure by placing us on
the Priority Watch List...The IIPA submission on Canada includes a litany of
complaints, including the failure to implement the WIPO Internet
Treaties, the need for ISPs to play a greater role in dealing with
copyright infringement, the need for a camcorder law, and the need
for greater enforcement activity. The IIPA report is particularly
critical of Bill C-60, arguing that Canada should "jettison" the
approach in favour of something, well, like the U.S. has
implemented. In fact, it incorrectly argues that full compliance
with the WIPO Internet treaties requires legislation that matches the
DMCA (full TPM protection, ban on devices that can be used to
circumvent, limited exceptions). It also wants the scope of the
private copying limited and clear liability for P2P services
established. "

The IIPA hitlist includes 60 countries including places like Japan, Italy, Brazil, Sweden and Spain.

Update: CPTech's Manon Ress has some interesting thoughts on the IIPA's recommendations.

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