Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Speaking of ignoring evidence...

Not only have government been ignoring evidence pointing out the nature of the problems with their NHS IT systems but it seems they have been actively trying to hide at least some of these problems according to John Young:

"The UK government's Department of Health has removed the following three embarrassing documents from its website. Two of them describe the 'sealed envelope' mechanism proposed to protect the privacy of medical records in their proposed national medical records database, while the third is a consultancy report saying that sensitive information would be better held in local systems."

nhs-sealed-pr.doc (Connecting for Health's own Risk Analysis: Confidentiality problems will cause risk to Health)

nhs-sealedenvs2.doc (Sealed Envelopes - Guiding Principles Document)

nhs-sealedenvs1.doc (Sealed Envelopes briefing paper)

Thanks to HJ Affleck at FIPR for the pointer.

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