Monday, January 29, 2007

Intelligent caring teens

There is a wonderful letter in today's Independent from an inner city school teacher, Brian Collier (scroll down to Blair's distortions and 'respect zones'). He questions Tony Blair's demonisation of today's teenagers.

"I am a year older than the PM, and I remember the "Wilful Damage" posters on the wall of my primary school in Bury, Lancashire. I remember my parents lamenting the lack of manners of young people in the Fifties and Sixties. I remember gangs of "teddy boys" with razor blades and bicycle chains fighting in the centre of town on Friday night. I remember football hooliganism on a scale that would fuel our worst nightmares now...

Young people today are more caring, more questioning, more intelligent and less racist than they've ever been. I should know, I teach A-levels to an extremely diverse groups of teenagers in an inner-city further education college."

It's good to see someone who works with and understands young people speaking out on their behalf.

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