Monday, September 11, 2006

WIPO broadcasting treaty

Posting has been light for some weeks and will continue to be for a while due to pressure of other things. Two things worthy of note though - the WIPO discussions about the broadcasting treaty are back in session and the Road to 9/11 drama allegedly based on the work of the 9/11 Commission. There is a fair bit of press and web discussion around the usual suspects on the treaty.

As for the dramatisation of the run up to 9/11, I sat through twenty minutes of it last night and couldn't take any more. I'm not sure what was worse in the section I saw - the pretence that they were dramatising the "official true story" or the unbearable flashiness of the visuals. I don't think any single densely packed scene stayed on screen for longer than two seconds at the outside. Michael Froomkin seems to think it might even contain the basis of a defamation case. Harvey Keitel, one of the stars of the drama, is also on record saying there were issues which he had conflicts with: "it turned out not all the facts were correct." In any case it was giving me a headache, so I switched it off.

Update: John's been looking at the true origins and the people behind the distorted dramatisation of 9/11.

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