Thursday, July 06, 2006

iCommons Declarations on DRM and open access

The recent iCommons summit in Rio came up with a declaration on DRM and one on open access and one on the broadcast treaty. The open access declaration:

"WE BELIEVE THAT the scholarly literature – the professional research literature in all the fields of the sciences and humanities – should be available to the world under “open access” conditions.

WE BELIEVE THAT “open access” means:

(1) Scholarly literature that is free of charge for the reader.
(2) Scholarly literature that is free of unnecessary licensing resgtrictions, with explicit consent in advance to unrestricted reading, downloading, copying, sharing, storing, printing, searching, linking and crawling.
(3) Scholarly literature that is free from filters, digital rights management and censors.
(4) Scholarly literature that is available on the public internet in a form in which users can read, copy, redistribute, link, print, crawl, download, store, and search the full text."

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