Friday, July 14, 2006

Hyperlinked version of patent act and rules

David Pearce of Eric Potter Clarkson has, according to IPKat

"created a fully consolidated and hyperlinked version of the UK Patents Act and Rules. I have done this because I found it annoying and confusing the way the Act and Rules are highly intertwined but don't often actually refer to each other correctly. Also, the UK Patent Office has not chosen to go the way the EPO has with the European Patent Convention and make a properly linked version available online, but only a pdf consolidated version (useful though this is, what with all the recent changes).

Anyway, you or your colleagues may find it useful. It also may be useful for other IPKat readers, so if you want to publicise this I would be glad to distibute copies to anyone interested, and provide updates as time goes on. My hope is that it will turn into a more collaborative effort, and become even more useful".

Also via IPKat yesterday, UNESCO have issued a report (1.2M pdf) on WIPO's proposed broadcasting treaty which concludes:

"the Draft Treaty may undermine the balance between the economic interests of broadcasting and cablecasting organizations and freedom of expression values.

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