Monday, June 19, 2006

FIFA to fans: take those trousers off, they've got the wrong sponsor

Surely this cannot be true? The Guardian is reporting that Dutch supporters were made to remove their trousers before being allowed into the game against the Ivory Coast on Friday. The reason? The offending trousers bore the name of a Dutch beer, Bavaria, which is not an official sponsor of the World Cup. Apparently some England fans on Thursday were also forced to remove Nike clothing before being allowed into the England v Trinidad & Tobago match.

"There were also allegations yesterday that England supporters at last Thursday's Trinidad and Tobago match were forced to hand over Nike clothing at the entrance of the stadium in Nuremberg, because Adidas - the German sportswear giant and Nike's deadly rival - is the official World Cup sponsor. Last night, however, Fifa denied that any Nike clothing had been confiscated.

"There are no special rules regarding clothing at the World Cup. Visitors can wear their normal clothing or replica shirts with or without advertising, irrespective of the manufacturer or sponsor's logo," a Fifa spokesman said. This was true of "individuals" but not of groups, the spokesman continued."

I honestly wonder sometimes if we haven't totally surpassed Huxley's distopian Brave New World.

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