Friday, April 07, 2006

Gonzales won't rule out domestic warrantless taps

Funny that I should be writing about Tony Blair's inner circle yesterday and their absolute faith in their own good intentions, as they sytematically dismantle various checks and balances on executive power.

US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, in response to a question from a congressman about whether the administration would sanction, without a warrant, a wiretap of a phone conversation between two Americans said:

"I cannot rule that out"

Now US constitutional law is not widely discussed or of concern on this side of the pond but the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution categorically does rule that out. The Bush Administration, like that of Mr Blair, seem to believe that constitutional checks and balances do not apply to them because they are good people and they know best. Besides how important can the constitution be if it gets in the way of prosecuting the war on terror?

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