Monday, March 20, 2006

The weary policeman

PC Copperfield brings an engaging brand of weary resigned humour to the latest Met crime fighting initiative.

"There’s a new initiative from Inspector Clive French in which dog owners will be urged to be vigilant and report “useful information on low level crimes”. Encouraging members of the public to telephone the police is, in my experience, a recipe for disaster: the people that you might want to call (reasonable folks whose minds are not addled by drink or drugs) have long since realised that making such a call would be at best a waste of time and at worst an inadvertent admission of a criminal offence. This leaves the bored and the mentally ill, who never seem to stop calling us.

Mrs C. read the article and asked, “Well why aren’t the police on the streets reporting useful information on low level crimes ?” Which just goes to show that policing should be left to the professionals and not enthusiastic amateurs like Mrs. C. The police? On the streets? Mad woman."

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