Monday, March 13, 2006

Met chief secretly records phone conversations

The Metropolitan police chief, Sir Ian Blair, has secretly recorded at least one phone converation with the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, though the report I heard on Radio 5 this morning was slightly confusing and there was a suggestion it may have happened more than once (somebody mentioned up to eight times). Ironically the controversion recorded focussed on the admissabilty of wire tap evidence in court. He has also apparently secretly recorded phone conversations with members of the Independent Police Complaints Commission without their consent.

Update: Spy Blog considers Sir Ian's actions understandable in the light of "the spin and media leaks which the disgraced Home Secretary David Blunkett inflicted on Sir John Stevens, the predecessor of Sir Ian Blair", that he would "feel the need to have an independent record of exactly what was, or was not said to his NuLabour political contacts."

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