Friday, February 03, 2006

LSE boss writes to prime minister on ID cards

The Director of the London School of Economics has written to Tony Blair about the latter's claim that the LSE identity project report was written by a lone academic with a long term history of opposing ID cards.

He points out that he has made it clear to government ministers making this claim in the past that it is false and that he is disappointed they have not passed on that information to the Prime Minister's office.

Update: Simon Davies who has been disgracefully and repeatedly maligned by the government over the LSE ID card report, has threatened to sue ministers attempting to undermine the LSE report through damaging his reputation. "Mr Davies has written to the prime minister, warning that if the claims are repeated by him or any of his ministers he will proceed with legal action on the basis of statements made outside parliament.

He told the FT that he had taken legal advice after seeing that ministers were continuing to question the validity of the report in a way that sought to damage his reputation, despite Sir Howard writing to Mr Blair 10 days ago urging him to correct a "quite wrong" statement made to MPs."

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