Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lord demands government apology to Simon Davies

In the latest debate on the government's ID card scheme in the House of Lords, the Earl of Northesk has asked the government to apologise to Simon Davies.

"Simon Davies, who the Government have consistently and repeatedly vilified for his involvement with the LSE Identity Project, has written to the Prime Minister indicating his possible intention to pursue the matter in the courts should such defamation be repeated. As his letter states, the fact is that:

"More than sixty academics and a further forty external experts have contributed to the LSE work".

That being so, is the Minister prepared to take this opportunity on behalf of the Government to retract the outrageous slurs perpetrated against Mr Davies and offer an apology?"

Lord Bassam of Brighton, in his response, neglects to take the opportunity to apologise, simply by ignoring the question.

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