Thursday, September 08, 2005

NO2ID campaigners arrested

According to the BBC, 6 people associated with the NO2ID campaign have been arrested this morning. The six were on their way to protest outside a summit of European ministers on Tyneside. The BBC says:
The NO2ID group said they were arrested on Thursday morning on the grounds they may cause a breach of the peace.

The campaigners, who were going to wear orange boiler suits and bar codes on their foreheads, had created a massive ID card to highlight what they see as an increasing restriction on civil liberties.

A spokesman for NO2ID said:
"It is shocking that we could not have a peaceful protest in a peaceful country but this is what these ministers want."

A spokeswoman for the police said:
"Four men and two women have all been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and are currently in custody."

Update: Spy Blog is not impressed.

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