Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tories attack on ID cards

The conservatives have decided to beat the government with the IT stick, claiming that their record on implementing IT projects is abysmal, running to an overspend of £2 billion in the last tow years alone.

"The Tories published the figures to support its latest attack on the Government's plans for a national identity card scheme, pointing to the project's recently upwardly-revised costs.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis declared, in the Conservative's own words, "war" on the Home Office's controversial IT project, confirming that the Party will oppose the Identity Cards Bill at its Second Reading in Parliament later this month...

Another case featured by the Conservatives is the 'Libra' IT modernisation of the magistrates courts - seen by many as the archetypal government IT disaster - which was initiated back in 1996 but by 2002 had more than doubled in costs."

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