Monday, May 16, 2005

Identity blog

William Heath on Kim Cameron's recent comments about the UK ID card and the LSE's report on the issue.

"The LSE (London School of Economics) has released The Identity Project - An assessment of the UK Identity Cards Bill & its implications. (Interim Report). Ideal Government says:

It demolishes both the government’s published aims and their proposals.

Should such repeated high profile failures raise questions about the future of the Home Office: Has the current Home Office itself become a major threat to the UK?

I know everyone is busy, but really, take a look at this thoughtful report.

It is a breakthrough piece of work in exploring, in a holistic and all-sided way, the relation between social issues and technologies of identity. I suspect that government technology leaders and policy makers around the globe will pay increasingly more attention to the thinking it represents - if they want to avoid the missteps against which it is a reaction. The report includes a discussion of identity initiatives in France, giving the impression that the French have already transcended many of the problems not addressed in the British Government's proposals."

He's right - it's well worth taking the time to read the LSE report in full.

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