Tuesday, November 23, 2004

In yet another attempt to shift the goalposts on ID cards, David Blunkett tried a new tactic last week of expressing concern for personal privacy and calling for more checks on supermarket loyalty card data collection.

"In a speech, Mr Blunkett said the cards produced key details about people's shopping habits but were accepted because they were run by private firms.

People should not distrust ID cards because they are a state idea, he said."

His concern for our privacy is touching but like Mr Blunkett I don't have a supermarket loyalty card. I wonder why he doesn't have one?

"The scheme would be worthwhile if it reinforced identity and citizenship, he said. If not, he would "be remembered as one of the biggest political failures that Britain has ever produced"."

Political failure is right and by the time that comes to be generally accepted a huge amount of money will have been flushed away (billions of pounds), not to mention the other negative effects.

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