Thursday, November 04, 2004

Cliff Richard is not happy that his pension fund is getting robbed by the expiry of the copyright on his earlier music recordings.

“As I get older I am told that I have achieved many chart ‘firsts’. Now I am the first person to be deprived of income simply because I have outlived the copyright on my sound recordings.”

I don't doubt that having been briefed by his record label he's believes what he is saying but "deprived of income", Sir Cliff? How much money have you already made during the 50 year monopoly over these recordings?

"Many artists rely on one hit record as their sole source of income, but now they will earn nothing. I feel a responsibility to speak out for them.”

I don't know how much actual work artists put into delivering a hit but I'm sure it varies. Suppose it amounts to a month, including 2 days recording, some spots on TV and radio to promote the hit and some concerts. I wouldn't mind retiring comfortably on the proceeds of a month's (or even a year's) work.

"IT IS the greatest pension fund raid of all time." is the line that opens the piece, so presumably that was written by a music industry PR person? More blind/lazy publishing, by the media, of propaganda from copyright extremists this time at the industry end of the scale.

So much for maintaining a sense of proportion and balance.

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