Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Electronic Privacy Information Center, EPIC, were not happy to find out that NorthWest Airlines, like JetBLue, had also been handling over passenger details for government related research on airline/airport/aviation security. They have complained formally to the Department of Transportation. They are also intending to sue NASA to find out what they did with the information supplied by the airline.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF, are calling for a congressional inquiry "into who has been seeking,
getting and giving passenger data to the government".

Meanwhile, E-Data, have settled a patent infringement suit with Microsoft over "downloading of information onto a tangible object." "We are quite pleased with this settlement, as it further reinforces the scope and validity of (our) patent in Europe," said E-Data hairman Bert Brodsky in a statement. "While the OD2 service is still in the nascent stage…the agreement sends an important essage to other companies infringing upon our intellectual property."

Looks like they may be planning to go after Apple's iTunes next.

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