Wednesday, November 26, 2003

"Reporters Without Borders today urged the Zimbabwean authorities to drop charges against 14 people who were arrested for circulating an e-mail message criticising President Mugabe's economic policies and calling for his departure. They were all released on bail but have been ordered to appear in court on 26 November."

The Australian music industry have decided to sue ISPs "who failed to stop consumers illegally downloading music."

Lawmeme point us to some links on the latest troubles for e-voting machines and some policy proposals over broad copyright claims; and finally one for US 4th amendment scholars on new dog sniffing technology.

Apparently John Johansen of DeCSS fame has released a program on his website called QTFairUse which demonstrates how to get round Apple's iTunes anti-copying technology. Given that he is facing re-trial next month on criminal charges related to the release of DeCSS, I'm not sure that's the best of tactics on his part.

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