Thursday, October 23, 2003

The MPAA has launched its classroom campaign to educate children about "digital citizenship." (No I'm not kidding). The associated propaganda sheet... er, sorry... I mean booklet... is called "What's the Diff? A Guide to Digital Citizenship." All the usual soundbites are in there. According to Donna Wenthworth, Wendy Seltzer of the EFF and Berkman Center at Harvard has done her own interpretation of some of the soundbites:

* To legally own it, legally buy it.

Sorry, kids--no more birthday presents!

* If you haven't paid for it, you've stolen it.

The library will now be closing its doors.

* Copying a movie or CD for a friend is illegal.

Mommy taped ABC's "movie of the week" for Sally's
mommy. Now Mommy is going to jail.

* If you wouldn't take a movie or CD from the
shelves of a store without paying for it, then why do
it online?

It only looks like the song is still online on the "shelf."

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