Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Another note to T182 students: remember from Section 1 -

"The Future of Ideas applies the environmental movement's sustainability rallying call to the resources we use to create and innovate. Its author, Lawrence Lessig, presents the case for the sustainability of ideas. He argues that unless we nurture the resources used to create and innovate scientific discoveries, language, skills, stories, facts etc. then society will run out of ideas. Lessig thinks we are fencing off these resources with law and technology, handing control of them to private owners. "

Here is an articulate rant, by Evan Hunt linking the environment and the public domain. In a similar vein to Lessig, Evans says:
"Why was Eldred vs. Ashcroft such a horrible blow? Because our generation and those that came before us were lucky enough to have a rich public domain to draw from in creating new artistic work, and our descendents will be stuck with no more than what we had--after we've already thoroughly mined it--and anything else, they'll have to pay for. Disgusting.Protecting the public domain is another kind of environmentalism."

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